Arisaka Defense 600 Series Light Body - 600 Series Light Body Black

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The new Malkoff E2XTD heads utilize a TIR lens that. Features of Arisaka Defense 600 Series IR Light: Weight: 3. Arisakas 600 Series Light Body is a low-profile replacement for the Surefire M600 series of scout The 600 Series light body also fully supports IR heads and accommodates two 123A batteries. With a solid beam throw and minimal spalsh for accurate target identification this is a great add on to any practical rifle or pistol. Search The Knowledge. Malkoff offers several head options that all use TIR lenses and are fully potted for durability. Head options: Malkoff E2XT - 500 lumens and 55,000 candela of white light provide a tightly concentrated beam. 100028934 600 Series Light Body Black Numer cz ci: LB99858 Lekkie nadwozie z serii 600 firmy Arisaka jest niskoprofilowym zamiennikiem serii wiate zwiadowczych Surefire M600, kt re zapewniaj wi kszy prze wit na elazne przyrz dy. 00 Aim Top Airsoft Arms Power Large 1100 Green Gas (Quantity: 1 Can).