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Product description IPSC CR speed holster made by rigid ABS. Its an excellent comptition holster, and the number ofadjustments makes it very versitile and. Black Leather Mini Speed Belt Holster for 1911 models from 3" to 5" (G5B). 33 plus year USPSA shooter moving to open at last. The CR Speed Hi-Torque range consist of an underbelt and overbelt. Mfg: Rescomp SPECS: Polyethylene plastic, black. If you are looking for Rescomp C-R Speed Holsters - Cr Speed Model "g" Holster-Rescomp. 775100001 CR Speed Model "A: Holster Ultral tta, j rnv g-stil design ger ppen tillg ng till grepp f r en snabb, obegr nsad dra. The new CR SECURE 2 Gen 2 Duty Holster Provides Superior Retention and Speedy Access for Law For example, the GL-BR model can adapt to both the small framed GLOCKs and Beretta 92 Rescomps CR Speed range of competition holsters and gear have been used by many top shooters. And caliber. Its a good holster after I did some unexpected and needed mods. CR Speed Holsters can be set up to fit most Popular Open, Limited or Production pistols. Holster is fully adjustable for cant, ride height, offset, barrel length. Ghost Holster Amadini. Superior Retention & Lightning Fast Draws make this holster a good choice. Tactical Holster For Hunting IPSC CR Speed Right Hand Accessories. Cr speed holster eBay. Cr Speed C-BAX Holster Hanger. CR Speed WSM II Model Holster (Unmodified) For Glock or XD(M) or M&P Learn More. CR Speed Revolver Holster - Jerry Mickuleks Choice in revolvers holsters.